Landscape ecology: boreal and subarctic ecosystems – Jean Thie

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Op dinsdag 23 februari neemt landschapsecoloog Jean Thie ons mee naar de uitgestrekte noordelijke landschappen van Canada! De lezing zal in het Engels zijn dus bij deze schakelen wij alvast om.

Jean will take you back 100 years with unique images taken from ‘Canada’s Flying Canoes’ to present day exceptional high resolution Earth Resource satellites. Combined with his fieldwork (1967-1987), he will provide surprising continental and local perspectives of environmental change in boreal and subarctic ecosystems and wetlands, including:
• Wildland fires – as integral agent of ecosystem change.
• Permafrost melting – at its most sensitive southern edge of occurrence.
• Unequaled beaver habitat – including finding the longest beaver dam in the world, the highest density of beavers and amazing beaver landscapes.
• Virtual visits to Castor Canadensis expansion in Finland, Russia and Tierra del Fuego.

Originally from Amsterdam, Jean Thie has made a notable career in integrated landscape management in Canada. Holding a master’s degree in landscape ecology and remote sensing, Jean Thie has (among many things) worked on developing geographic information systems and earth satellites to survey and monitor northern landscape. He directed various government branches responsible for national land and water managent, integrating GIS in policy development. During the last few decades, he worked as international consultant on climate change issues, sustainable forest management and permafrost monitoring and was elected Fellow of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society.

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